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Yinhe Sun rubber


Yinhe / Galaxy / Milky Way Sun High speed, high tension, high friction rubber that feels a lot like a Japanese rubber. It is a high-performance non-tacky rubber. Built to compare with the Butterfly Tenergy 25.

Non-tacky Galaxy rubbers compared:
- Galaxy Moon, High throw, offensive rubber, comparable with Butterfly Tenergy 05!
- Galaxy Sun, Lower throw, close to table attack, comparable with Butterfly Tenergy 25!
- Galaxy Mars V2, Lowest throw, offensive rubber, controlled version of Butterfly Tenergy 64!

Speed: 120

Spin : 90

Control : 88


Galaxy rubbers use the “Milkyway” brand name when submitting rubbers to the ITTF.

Yinhe Sun max tense soft

GST Included
colour and thickness: 2.1mm red
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