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Galaxy / YinHe / MilkyWay Moon SPEED soft Table Tennis Rubber with yellow sponge,

Max Tense


This version's sponge has been factory pre boosted


The rubber is non-sticky, requires you to hit the ball hard enough so the sponge will cup the ball, so this is different to a sticky rubber like hurricane 3 where you can lightly brush over a ball without hitting the ball to make it spin, for this rubber to create spin, the ball needs to be hit.


Moon Speed: maximum speed in the new era

This MAX TENSE-equipped rubber bring you a new speed sensation in the new era. Specifically designed for the new non-celluloid ball, Moon Speed uniquely pairs a grippy Moon Speed rubber that matches its Japanese and German peers, with a high density, high bounce God Grossbow Sponge. Moon Speed facilitates a full repertoire of shots as well as enhanced speed of play.

Sponge thickness: 2.2mm

Rubber colour: Red or Black 

Yinhe moon speed soft

GST Included
colour and thickness
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