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Yinhe Jupiter III euro the power rubber the foundation of a powerful forehand game


This is the latest Yinhe powerful rubber, pairing a power sponge with a tacky top sheet, 



ast rubber and this is a real top speed, not just a catapult effect, like most tensors. The rubber is somewhat tacky (soft topsheet), it can't pick up a ball off the table. Very good control, block and short game, very easy looping and smashing, if you like to hit, this is a very good choice. It isn’t spin sensitive, but the rotation is slightly lower than Jupiter 2 (same hardness)


On the backhand side was much more effective spin for me. When boosted, it's a super offensive forehand rubber with insane spin, that can do everything better than most.


You can boost this with the haifu oil in my shop

yinhe jupiter 3 euro

GST Included
colour and thickness
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