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Yinhe Apollo III (Apollo 3) Factory Tuned Pips-In Table Tennis / PingPong Red Rubber with Sponge

Speediness: The gluey surface fit in well with powerful sponge which pushes for extremely speed.
Adamancy: Traditional hard elastomeric sponge create perfect arc.
Strong power: Specialize for forehand, Apollo's comprehensive strength can offer you highest performance with extra-sharp stroke and an arc-like trajectory which will remain surprisingly impact to others.


works really well on a fast blade


Fitted play: Fast-attack / Loop



Wow, what a beast of a rubber, when I hit the ball with this rubber, it makes a sound like a wet car washing sponge scrubbing across a window, that squeechy sound comes out, (obviously a really short micro second, but similar to that sound), the ball then takes off like a rocket, the downside is, my skill is not enough to command this rubber to its full potential, the sponge underneth, is quite hard, and EXTREMELY bouncy, it's full of spring, once you give it some energy/force, just watch the ball take off, you will be suprised.  Rubber very grippy too, I managed to do some amazing top spins with this, but I did hit heps of balls out of the table, (the ones that did land, were solid winners) it's just too powerful for me.


Blade used for testing: YINHE MARS201 Carbon 

Yinhe Apollo III

GST Included
colour and thickness: 2.1mm red
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