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Tuttle 2018 VIP is the new generation of Tuttle rubbers made for the new 40+ ball. 2018 VIP is a kind of novel and ultra sticky rubber. It is perfect for super strong spinning and it has unexpected speed. The control is also superb of this rubber. The sound during hitting with Tuttle 2018 VIP is just symphony and it's admired by the professional players.

Spin: 15
Speed: 14
Control: 15

STAFF NOTES: This Rubber has been tested and performed extremely well, It has a low throw - just like many Pro Player Blue Sponge Factory boosted rubbers. From an advanced players perspective it performed better than expected from a Chinese produced rubber. Depending on style, it will suit a fast forehand attack, or slower spinny backhand attack - Very Versatile. Personally I preferred the feel on my backhand, with Kokutaku Alpha on the forehand. Suits a stiff fast blade.

Tuttle VIP 2018

GST Included
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