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The Inspira Hybrid Carbon is slightly thinner compared to the Inspira CCF. Blade thickness can affect the playing characteristics of a table tennis blade, with thinner blades often offering more control and feel. The Inspira Hybrid Carbon has an outer ply with carbon placement, which makes it faster than the Inspira CCF. In contrast, the Inspira CCF has a carbon layer on its core ply. These features suggest that the Stiga Inspira Hybrid Carbon is designed to offer a balance between speed and control, with an emphasis on speed due to its carbon placement in the outer ply. Players looking for a blade that offers a slightly faster performance than the Inspira CCF may find the Inspira Hybrid Carbon to be a suitable choice. Made in Sweden.



Number of Layers:5+2
approximate weight (g):87
Blade Type:OFF+
thickness (mm):6

Stiga Inspira Hybrid Carbon

GST Included
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