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This is one of the fastest blade in my shop.


A fast carbon blade featuring the patented Cybershape design and STIGA CWT technology. Customize the weight and balance of your blade effortlessly with the included weights in 3, 6, and 9 grams. Developed in collaboration with vice-world champion Truls Möregårdh, this table tennis blade promises unparalleled performance tailored to your preferences. Made in Sweden.


Top Features:

  • Offensive table-tennis blade with the Cybershape registered design and STIGA CWT.
  • Adjust the weight and balance of your blade using the included weights in 3, 6, and 9 grams.
  • Table tennis bat developed in cooperation with vice-world champion Truls Möregårdh.
  • Specially designed weights for Truls’s three favourite shots: the chop, push, and slap.
  • Higher, larger sweet spot than those found in traditionally shaped blades gives you more power in your shots without loss of control.
  • CCF technology, in which the carbon fibre is applied directly to the wood core, provides a softer touch and increased control.
  • Unique lens and printed, gold-coloured design featuring Truls’s characteristic victory stance on the blade.
  • Delivered in exclusive packaging, along with a fan card picturing Truls.


Number of Layers:5+2
approximate weight (g):85
Blade Type:OFF+
thickness (mm):6.3

Stiga Cybershape Carbon CWT Truls Edition

GST Included
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