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The development of the new Dornenglanz III originally was based on the Dornenglanz II. The Dornenglanz III expected to be slower and more suitable for playing at the table than the Dornenglanz II, without reducing the disruptive effect. The Dornenglanz III is especially suitable for playing at the table as it is primarily made for an active and aggressive style of playing. It can and should be played with similar striking techniques such as usually used for short and semi-length pimples. Thus it is of course also a very good option for players switching from this kind of rubbers. The overall playing feel of the Dornenglanz III in the ox is almost comparable to that of a semi-length pimple in ox or 1.0 mm, but the Dornenglanz III is more effective for blocking fast topspins of the opponent.

Spinlord Dornenglanz III long pips

GST Included
colour and thickness
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