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    With SPECTRE der-materialspezialist has invented one of the most innovative and unusual long pimple rubbers that has been released on the world market. 

    Not only is the pimple structure  entirely new, but also the rubber compound is unique with very interesting properties.

    SPECTRE especially is suited for near to the table disruptional play with occasional play from the half distance and is hardly impacted by incoming rotation, whilst allowing the whole spectrum of offensive options.
    The biggest strength of  SPECTRE is the easy and safe blocking of hard loops and hits, which is enabled through the unique rubber formula properties which cause a deceleration of the ball. Hereby the ball has a disruptional low trajectory with a wobbly effect.

    The sponge version of the SPECTRE enables a more powerful game, thereby the spin development from distance and also close to the table is excellent.

    Despite the maximum permissible pimple length, the SPECTRE can be controlled excellently and offers highest control values.

    SPECTRE: the colorful long pimple spook!

    We recommend to mount the OX version with a DK-4 adhesive foil.

  • Product Features





    Disruptive effect:





    Defensive / Allround

Spectre - Long Pimple

GST Included
colour and thickness
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