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PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS NOT W968, it's a golden limited edition of Long 5


Since 2014, the Hurricane Long series of table tennis blades accompanied Ma Long to consecutive world championships and climbed to peaks.

In August 2021, Ma Long once again reached the championship podium and won the double slam – an extraordinary achievement in men’s table tennis, known as the “Golden Slam”.

Inspired by this, Double Happiness launched the “Golden Slam Hurricane Long 5” blade.

The Golden Slam Hurricane Long 5 has the three words “Golden Slam” printed in gold on the bottom, and a new avatar tail is added to the bottom plate of the handle, which is a proper “local model”. As for the Golden Slam Hurricane Long 5, the dynamic library is small. The editor thinks that it should be Malone’s limited-edition racket. After all, Ma Long has been in the late stage of his career, and it is also the practice of many manufacturers to launch this limited-edition racket. As for the performance of the Golden Slam Hurricane Long 5? It is still unknown at present, but the last time is the same as the market version of Long 5, it may also be a repackage of W968, and it depends on the price and actual use of this Golden Slam Hurricane Long 5 blade after its launch!


only 1 in stock, very limited

DHS Golden Slam Hurricane Long 5

GST Included
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