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Tabletennis is undergoing constant changes. In this context, it is critical for the industry to react to new negative rules pertaining to long pimples.

der-materialspezialist undertakes a new direction with the new long pimple rubber FAKIR and maxes out the allowed possibilities.

The Aspect Ratio, thus the relation between length to the diameter of the pimple and also the allowed maximum pimple length are at the limit of the technical possible. The result is a new, never been before, disruptional long pimple rubber which combines the biggest possible disruptional qualities.

When playing defense away from the table, FAKIR provides high control and disruptional blocks, the rubber is also unaffected by incoming spin due to the rubber compound used. FAKIR also has enormous offensive potential creating wobbly/flutter effects and disruptional ball trajectories and ball curves.

FAKIR is available in all colours allowed by the ITTF. 

der-materialspezialist FAKIR: colourful impenetrable defense and extraordinary offensive potential.



Product Features





Disruptive effect:





Defensive / Allround / Offensive

FAKIR - Long Pimple

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colour and thickness: OX red
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