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Products description

der-materialspezialist DIABOLIC: The new generation of frictionless disruptive rubbers is unleashed!
With der-materialspezialist DIABOLIC unites the extreme spin reversal of a slick anti with the disruptive effect of long pimples.
DIABOLIC creates blocks with extremely low and disruptive trajectory that are previously only known from long pimples.
A newly developed and world wide unique soft dampening sponge allows maximal speed absorption and thus unmatched control properties.
DIABOLIC: Devilish disruptive effects combined with perfect spinreversal!

The best spinreversal and the highest disruptive effect you will get with DIABOLIC 1,0 mm.

The 1,6 mm version is the slowest.

Diabolic - Anti-Top

GST Included
colour and thickness: 1.3mm red
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