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Made from Special wood and special carbon, 


The W968 is a limited edition of the famous DHS Hurricane Long 5 blade, which was designed and tuned specially for Chinese superstar, Ma Long. The components of this limited-edition blade were selected, stored, and produced with the quality and precision the World Champion deserves. Each step of production was checked and controlled extensively by the production team involved in the manufacturing of blades for Chinese national team members.


only 1 in stock


Features Inner Carbon technology, to allow the wood cup the ball more have more time to create top spin when contact the ball, as compared to a outer carbon blade such as a viscaria.  


This is a very limited golden edition of the W968, only 2 was made avaliable to me as a DHS distributor to import, it is the same materials that Ma Long's blade of, made for the Chinese national team.


Last one left.



DHS W968 golden edition

GST Included
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