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DHS SkyLine 3 Provincial blue sponge is for players who have experience with it.
Provincial rubber DHS SkyLine 3 blue sponge is the fast rubber for the forehand of a classic offensive player.

Provincial rubber DHS SkyLine 3 with a blue sponge is a fast offensive rubber designed for forehand.

DHS rubber sponges are already coated with a single layer of adhesive in production, so apply an additional layer(s) of adhesive after applying the booster.

For provincial rubber DHS SkyLine 3 with a blue sponge, apply the booster specifically on the sponge. Since rubbers are already chemically modified from the factory, the booster application results in reduced curving of the rubber and thus easier and more pleasant glueing to the blade



Speed 8.5
Spin 9.4
Control 9.4
Tackiness 8.6   


Weight 6.5   

Medium heavy

Sponge Hardness 6.8   

Medium hard

Gears 8.8   

Many gears

Throw Angle 3.6   


Consistency 10.0
Durability 8.2   

Lasts longer than average




reviews from revspin


"Very good rubber. Works well generating one’s own power. Is quite sensitive when countering and has a big jump that you have to close the angle or slow down to overcome the opponents topspins. (Don’t need as much power when counterlooping off table) Serves and revives are phenomenal. Opening is easy if you’re a “stable” looper. Better at blocking than traditional Chinese rubbers. Works better un boosted imo. Good counter driving over spinning if you want to be a “power-blocker”. Easily the tackiest rubber I’ve played with and have held the ball upside down for more than 2 minutes. Pushes are insanely spinny and short to your desire. Boosted was too uncontrollable and played best of softer flexier blades like Long 3 and Barwell Fleet."



DHS Skyline 3 Provincial (Blue Sponge) 39" 2.2mm

GST Included
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