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black 2.2mm 39 hardness


review quote from revspin

"Skyline 3 and hurricane 3 provincial. The difference being mostly that the angle of the racket has to be more closed on harder shots and more flatter on touches when receiving spin serves. Apart from that this rubber has incredible spin qualities. You must have a solid foundation of spin rotation to be able to control this rubber as well as arm strength for drives as the rubbers speed is dependent on your technique and strength. TPB is good. When looping underspin successfully you create hard to return shots. This rubber feels faster than hurricane 3 and skyline despite reading that it’s spin-control based. Hurricane being the most controlled and Skyline 3 having the best loop quality which felt Safest for play. I believe everything comes down to technique and your personal preference in strategies and gameplay in obtaining the best results of the rubbers you choose."


"In comparison to Prov Skyline 3.. "UNBOOSTED" this has a unique feeling I felt it was easier to play further from table, easier to play short balls near net. Keeping serves short is easier. TPB plays very well. The feeling is unique you are able to absorb energy when used to receive balls with TPB and bring game to short play. Can create enormous spin and power. "

DHS provincial Skyline 2 blue sponge competition grade

GST Included
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