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Weapon of choice by world number one womens Sun Ying Sha



Brand: Double Happiness DHS




Model: Hurricane Sun/Sa


Number of layers: 5 wood + 2 aromatic carbon

Features: Sun Yingsha’s exclusive color purple, the bottom of the handle has a portrait of Sun Yingsha and is inlaid with a new dragon pattern. Suitable for 40+ solutions, 5 layers of pure wood + 2 layers of aromatic carbon fiber. It is Sun Yingsha's winning weapon. It has an outstanding feel, smooth forehand and backhand connection, agility and powerful explosive power. Kuang Biao Sa follows the built-in yellow aromatic carbon structure of Longwu’s 5 wood + 2 aromatic carbon. In terms of handle color matching, bottom avatar, bottom plate surface, bottom plate thickness and other parameters, It was fine-tuned based on Sun Yingsha’s playing habits. The handle of Kuang Biao Sa uses purple as the main color. Paired with golden lines, it is fashionable and energetic. It is the unique creativity that Sun Yingsha herself gave to the equipment. The tail label on the base plate has Sun Yingsha’s portrait on it.


The board adopts the board size of W968. Increased the sweet spot of the blade and the deformation of the ball, But the thickness of Kuang Biao Sa is even thinner, More suitable for the power-generating habits of golfers with smaller strength, It is easier for female golfers to create strong spin.



Sun Yingsha's equipment:

The forehand National hurricane 3 blue sponge, black, 39 degrees, 2.1 or 2.15mm sponge thickness;

Backhand with hurricane 8, red, 38 degrees, 2.1 or 2.15mm sponge thickness.

DHS hurricane Sun 5+AC

GST Included
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