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The famous DHS Hurricane 3 Neo rubber with 41" hardness orange sponge. 

the NEO Hurricane 3 also uses the newly developed Power-Sponge, both in 3 variants. A combination of this energy-charged bottom layer and the grippy top layer opens up a completely new playing feel of typical Chinese rubber. Good control and arc-shaped topspin strikes, the basis for every offensive-minded player.

Pace: 106
Effect: 112
Control: 85
Hardness: 41°


The Hurricane 3, 41" neo is factory tuned, 


DHS Hurricane 3 NEO is the well-known Hurricane 3 rubber with the new "NEO" sponge. The NEO series was developed in response to the fast glue ban. The goal of this design was to give traditional Velcro straps extra bounce, but without losing their inherent control and strong spin.


41 hardness is the hardest sponge the H3 neo comes in


This rubber is unique because of several different factors, such as its very high sponge hardness, its dense sponge, and its high tackiness. It is so special, in fact, that it should be used adopting different techniques than with most other more conventional rubbers. 

For example, Chinese-style players usually have longer strokes than European-style players. By adopting these strokes, they try to make the most out of this rubber’s speed and spin capabilities, which are best in class for those who know how to use it. 


DHS Hurricane 3 Neo 41 hardness, 2.1, 2.15, 2.2mm

$45.00 Regular Price
$41.00Sale Price
GST Included
colour and thickness
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