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    TTR-KILLER is a new anti-spin rubber that combines the destructive properties of long pimples and anti-spin.

    This is made possible through an extremely thin top-rubber with very long inwards-arranged pimples, this rightfully must be described as technical mastery in the realm of table-tennis.

    The TTR-KILLER creates a very flat trajectory, where the ball dives down strongly, which usually is only observed with long pimples.

    Due to the classic anti-top formula, the TTR-KILLER is unsensitive to spin and gives the player great feedback and control due to the hightech sponge utilized.

    The thinner sponge versions are optimal for close to the table play and for classical defense and create a short, very flat and disruptional ball trajectory with unforeseeable spin variations.

    With increasing sponge thickness, TTR-KILLER unfolds its full offensive potential and creates enormous problems for the opponent through the integrated disruptional effect and the massive sinking effect of the ball.

    der-materialspezialist TTR-KILLER: kill your opponents ranking points!


  • Product Features





    Disruptive effect:





    Defensive / Allround / Offensive


go watch youtube review by WRM japan

der-materialspezialist TTR-KILLER - Anti-Top

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