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  • photos show straight handle version, only FL version in stock 

  • Products description

    Already in 3rd generation on the market, we have our popular material wood TOMAHAWK completely revised. 
    The well proven veneer structure has not changed, only for weight reduction, we have applied a new lightweight design that gives the wood more stability with less weight. TOMAHAWK is designed specifically for ANTI- and long pimples and is especially suitable for all material players who prefer a blocking close to the table with occasional forays into the half-distance. TOMAHAWK gives you maximum control and effective security in a passive game.

    On the other hand excellent topspin and deadly smashes can be played with normal rubbers and short pimples. 

    TOMAHAWK: the perfect complement to an extreme defensive disturbing game with ANTI SPIN rubbers and PIMPLES.

  • Product Features





    Weight Ø:

    54 Gramm





    Dimensions (L/W/H):

    15,8 cm x 15,1 cm x 0,70 cm

der-materialspezialist Tomahawk Next Generation - Allround+

GST Included
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