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photos show straight handle version, only FL concave handle version in stock

  • Products description

    This blade is an outstanding new development for all short/long pimple and anti players that prefer offensive blades but don’t want any compromises when it comes to disruptional effect and control values.
    The special blade veneers of the POWER CONTROL guarantee high speed and massive acceleration for explosive shots and fast spinny loops.

    When playing offensively with pimples and anti-spin rubbers a very high disruptional effect with a low trajectory is created.
    POWER CONTROL maintains perfect control properties and enables sensational feedback from the ball for the controlled-aggressive playing style.
    Even modern defensive players, who do not need an enlarged blade and respond passive reaction of their opponents with aggressive attacks, will be enthusiastic from POWER CONTROL.

    POWER-CONTROL: The non-plus ultra for the offensive material player.

  • Product Features





    Weight Ø:

    80 Gramm





    Dimensions (L/W/H):

    15,5 cm x 15,0 cm x 0,62 cm

der-materialspezialist Power Control - Offensive-

GST Included
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