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  • Note: Photo shows straight handle, item for sale has FL concave handle.

  • Products description

    With the new defensive-blade der-materialspezialist THE WALL we have succeeded in creating a stunner for defensive players.

    THE WALL is a speed reduced, symmetrically constructed and highly controllable standout blade, for all types of players that utilize maximum rotation and highest control in their playing style.
    Especially when dealing with the new generation of plastic balls this blade ensures longer contact of the ball and therefore more rotation.

    This ensures advantages for classical defensive players and also from the half-distance. But disruptive players at the table that require the best control and a slightly enlarged blade too, will find their match with THE WALL.

    Short stop-blocks and perfect placement on the base and sideline are the further assets of this defensive blade.
    THE WALL however still has enough speed for high rotation attacks and surprising shots.
     Due to highest construction and manufacturing quality this amazing blade has a low weight despite the enlarged blade size.

    THE WALL: The name says it all!

  • Product Features





    Weight Ø:

    68 Gramm


    5 solid wood (no Balsa)



    Dimensions (L/W/H):

    16,2 cm x 15,6 cm x 0,54 cm

der materialspecialized The Wall - Defensive FL

GST Included
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