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The BalsaCarbo X5 is the first Balsa blade to be made by Butterfly. The X5 features light weight and great touch, produced by the Balsa center core. Its two Carbon Layers ensure that there is always more than enough point-winning power. Unique to the X5 is its soft feel, which makes over the table play, especially blocking, effortless and very effective. While designed for close to the table attacking play, the X5 has enough power to execute strong topspins from mid-distance as well. Balsa blades are growing increasing popular worldwide and one rally with the BalsaCarbo X5 will show you why!



Speed: 82
Control: 80
Weight: 80g
Feel: Soft
Ply: 5 (3W/2C)

Butterfly BalsaCarbo X5

GST Included
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