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  • Products description

    VIRUS-2 is an extremely disruptional long pimple rubber of the newest generation with unusual slightly shiny pimple heads, that foreshadow the unusual playing characteristics of this rubber.

    The pimple geometry of VIRUS-2 is a result of BARNA ORIGINAL having reached and straining the absolute limits of ITTF regulations and thereby pulling a rabbit out of the magical hat.

    With the first hits with the VIRUS-2 not only the opponent will notice the extreme sinking effect of the ball in combination with a wobbly effect.

    This effect is amplified with active and offensive hits and leads to direct points.

    In the sponge version, VIRUS-2 comes with a speed reducing sponge that enhances the control and enables even shorter blocks, which makes it harder for the opponent to unleash his or her attacks.

    BARNA ORIGINA  VIRUS-2: long pimple rubber with the danger of being contagious.

    We recommend to mount the rubber with a DK-4 adhesive foil.

  • Product Features



    Speed OX:




    Disruptive effect:





    Defensive / Allround

Barna Original Virus-2 - Long Pimple

GST Included
colour and thickness: 0.5mm red
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