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Welcome to the disruptor club

Background / history

Welcome to our club! We are a group of pimple players who have come together to form strong alliance and create a welcoming community for players like us. We understand the challenges of being a minority in a sea of inverted rubber players, and we are committed to combating prejudice, exclusion, and favouritism. We welcome players with all abilities and equipment's, join us and be a part of a community where you can be normal and supported.

Our club was formed in 2023 with Table tennis Victoria as an official affiliate 

As of April 2024, our club trains at the Vermont Primary School, and the Vermont tennis club. 

Our club have over 80 members, the majority of our members are from Vermont primary school.  We are also a member of the Chinese national Pimple alliance (Australian Chapter) 

In 2024, we have 2 teams to participate at the highly anticipated table tennis event the 2024 Victorian Metro Championships!

A bit about the club's achievement and qualifications.

Head coach qualification/certificates:  Australian sports commission community sports, Table tennis Australia spinneroos, TTA Tops level 0, TTA level 1 coach. Working with children ID. 

Our club success, 5 of our members went on to Croydon Junior pennants and won their perspective level category, currently we have 10 members playing at Croydon Friday juniors and Monday night pennants.  The numbers are growing each season!

Our current sponsored players are:

Gavin Li 

Colin Chen

Kevin Su

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