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YINHE PRO-01 ALC (ZHU YI Special) Viscaria Type Table Tennis Blade Original YINHE PRO 01 Galaxy Racket Ping Pong Bat Paddle
- YINHE 2020 new model, designed for the famous player ZHU YI. Classic Viscaria outer ALC structure and super thin surface layer provides enough shape-shift and speed. Good blade for loop and fast attack.
- Though it is Viscaria type structure, according to the testing report, its feeling is more like Zhang Jike ALC.
Ply: 5+2 ALC
Type: Loop with fast attack
Weight: 88 ±3g(CS)/93 ±3g(FL)
Thickness: 5.7 ±0.2 mm


The blade is a very reliable looping blade, that is suited for an aggressive attack game. Distance is not a problem, the blade has enough power for close and mid distance, far away from the table it is decent, but not a rocket like a ZLC blade. Due to the slight flex, the throw angle is high and the contol is decent. Flat hits are a bit harder, they require a bit longer movement to ensure good contact. Dropshots are good. Also this blade has a butterfly head shape, not a YinHe head shape. I would recommend this blade to any intermediate or better player, who can consistently loop and loop-drive. Also, is this a Viscaria or a ZJK ALC? Well it is very close


GST Included
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