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High speed, high tension, high friction rubber that feels a lot like a Japanese product.

Yinhe's Description (Translated): Mars:
The Roman God of War. Fiery and fearless, Mars is the symbol of tremendous strength and power. "Mars" inverted rubber of Milky Way Co. uses a new rubber formula and optimized pimple structure to give the surface a greater friction coefficient. For players used to tacky rubbers, "Mars" provides a greater sense of stability in addition to the unstoppable power when looping.

With its superb looping "feel", "Mars" will crush all opposition and bring you to victory!

Non-tacky Yinhe rubbers compared:

  • Yinhe Moon, High throw, offensive rubber, comparable with Butterfly Tenergy 05!
  • Yinhe Mars V2, Lowest throw, offensive rubber, controlled version of Butterfly Tenergy 64!
  • Speed: 120
  • Spin: 90
  • Tack: None

Galaxy rubbers use the “Milkyway” brand name when submitting rubbers to the ITTF.

yinhe mars II tenergy 64 alternative

GST Included
colour and thickness: 2.1mm black
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