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Products description

With STÖRKRAFT ANTI der-materialspezialist has created one of the most disruptive anti- spin rubbers.
STÖRKRAFT ANTI provides a newly developed, extremely hard and sensationally slick rubber surface combined with a revolutionary new dampening sponge „made in Germany".
This new combination allows for amazing spinreversal and stellar control through extreme speed absorption. 
The thin sponge versions of STÖRKRAFT ANTI enable the typical ox-pimple feeling and strike a strong parallel to the banned slick long pimple rubbers of the past.
In this context STÖRKRAFT ANTI shows its true potential when faced with spinless balls since the balls remain short with a low trajectory.
Offensive shots with STÖRKRAFT ANTI are very disruptive and can be placed exactly due to the amazing control the rubber offers.

STÖRKRAFT ANTI: Winning by destroying!

The highest disruptive effect and the best spin reversal you get with 0,8 mm.
The 1,6 mm version is the slowest.The 1,2 mm version is a perfect compromise.

Störkraft - Anti-Top

GST Included
colour and thickness: 1.6mm red
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